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How can I recover Data from a Dead or Erased Hard Drive

Recovering valuable information from a damaged or erased drive can present unprecedented challenges to someone who has little or no knowledge on how to recover the data. It is also problematic to people with IT knowledge as sometimes the extent to which the drive may be spoiled may be a little too much. However, the challenges of recovering the data from a dead or damaged drive notwithstanding, there are many ways through which one can get some data off the drive.

How can I recover data from a dead or erased hard drive

First things first, one ought to assemble the necessary tools to examine whether the precise condition of the drive. One ought to have the tools that are required to connect the damaged or erased drive to another computer safely. The tools required herein may comprise of USB cable or sled or a kind of SATA that one use to mount the drive and connect it to computer easily.

Extent of Damage

Next on is to examine the drive itself to establish to what extent it may be damaged, some of the things to look for include the pins; whether they are bent or broken. One ought to ensure that the when trying to recover the data, the drive is positioned well when being mounted to avoid further damage to the drive. If everything is well mounted then one can proceed to the next phase of data recovery.

Find a suitable data recovery software

One ought to identify a suitable data recovery software and connect to the drive. Make sure that there is reliable antimalware and antivirus software to stifle malware and potential virus attack. They should be up to date. Once the drive is properly connected to a system, an active system for that matter, then one can proceed to download and install some data recovery tools. One of the software that is renowned for its effectiveness in data recovery includes; Recuva, it is an indispensible because it makes data recovery easy and simplified. Recuva is ideal software to use in case of data recovery.

There is other software that can be used to recover valuable information from a dead or damaged; in case of Mac operating system FileSalvage will not only save your money but will help you recover data in an efficient and quick manner. FileSalvage can recover virtually any type of file on an array of partition types. Additionally, the data recovery tool has the uncanny ability to recover data from damaged or corrupted media.

There a number of tools that can be used in data recovery it is dependent on the kind of OS that you use to recover the mounted drive. One ought to search for the tool that can suit their needs, one can search the internet to find and appropriate tool to recover data from damaged or corrupt media and at the same time save their money.

Back up your data in multiple ways

In case of highly damaged drives or complicated situations in data recovery, it is always advisable to turn to the help of professionals who have expertise and experience in all forms of data recovery. It can be quite expensive but if the information is significantly valuable then that is the choice to make. Remember to always back up your valuable data both online and to other drives since using one is unnecessarily risky.

When You Need a Data Recovery Service

Have you ever accidentally deleted a file on your computer or removed your jump drive before your files could be backed up? Maybe your computer system failed or your hard drive took some physical damage. These are the most common causes of data loss. Fortunately, these files and folders can often be recovered simply by taking your drive to a data recovery service.

How Does Data Get Lost?


When you delete a file on your computer the first place that it goes is the recycle bin. Many people think that once you empty your recycle bin then the file is removed. What actually happens is that you no longer see the file but it is simply hidden. Computers’ filing systems work by removing your access to the file and relocating the file to another area for future use whenever needed. The actual data that makes up your file stays on your computer until it is overwritten by another file. Once overwriting happens then that information can no longer be retrieved. So, as long as your data hasn’t been overwritten there’s a good chance you can recover it.

How to Get Your Data Back

The process to recover lost data is very intricate and requires special tools, time, and money. In the end, though, it is all worth it to retrieve your lost information. If you’ve been working on a book for the past year and all your information is lost due to software failure no amount of money is too much to get that data back. A Data Analyzer recovery service will look through your hard drive and locate whatever recoverable data is there. They piece this data back together and back it up on a secondary hard drive for you to access it. While there are many data recovery software options that you can install and use to recover data if the damage to your hard drive is extensive, the best solution for getting your data back is by taking it to a reputable and experienced data recovery professional.

It is quite easy to assume that you will never be the victim of data loss but the truth is it is a very common occurrence. If you’re not paying attention for a moment you could accidentally delete something you meant to save, or if your hard drive is old its performance could begin to degrade. Whatever the reason may be for your data to become lost, data recovery services are there to help you get it back.

What Can Cause Multiple Drive Failure?

The drives of your system contain valuable data and possess a huge capacity of storing such data. A drive failure can gross you in a bundle of tension and stress. If multiple drive failure causes a loss of data then one would be really panicked. There may be possibilities of data recovery but till then the apprehension circles around you. It is better to know the causes of drive failure so that you can take steps to alleviate it.

Causes of multiple drive failure:

There are various causes of multiple drive failure. Let us discuss one by one.

  • Hardware malfunction:

Sometimes your system fails to detect the drive. Before you could realize that you have a multiple drive failure, your system has rebooted in the middle of the process. The hardware malfunction can be the reason for this. If it happens after few days immediately installing of the drive, then it can be obvious that the manufacturer has delivered you the faulted product. These products do not undergo the testing phase and thus causing you a heavy deal.

  • Encounter of bad sectors:

Sometimes bad sections are encountered in the middle of the work. The moving parts are the reason behind this. The parts may degrade eventually damaging some efficient sectors of the drive thus leading to multiple drive failure. Also, if the heat rises up then some of the portions of the drive can fail to function. The entire system must have proper cooling arrangement to prevent this.

  • Fluctuation in electric power:

Voltage fluctuations usually occur in some areas leading to power failures. In such a case, the UPS fails to supply power regularly and efficiently. This can result in drive failure that becomes unable to take the frequent fluctuation in electrical surges. Either too high or too low voltage makes the drive turn silent on booting. So it is essential to supply only the required power to the system.

  • Virus attack:

Well, viruses are the uninvited guests for a computer system. They enter into any of the section of the system without notice and cause undesirable exploitation to the parts. The drive can also be a prey to a virus attack. Any corrupted file can ground the drive to divert from its functions and also gather all other parts to trouble. The malicious applications bring down the total drive system into malfunctioning.

  • Human error:

It is quite common to have human errors which can be caused due to multiple reasons. Some forceful closure of any running application or program can lead to disruption of the drive. Forced restart of the computer system can also be the reason of inviting multiple drive failure. If the operating system is installed in a wrong manner then, the drive is surely to fail resulting in loss of data and information. Sometimes you may need to have your computer completely formatted, and new software installed which would be quite a difficult job to do.

Hence, these are some of the causes of multiple drive failure. A piece of knowledge on these can help you prevent unwanted issues.


Why Storage Area Networks are Important for Big Companies?

The advent of technology and its use in different walks of professional life are not new. Technology hasn’t just made the world shrink but has also made operations easier. The ability to access information located far-off has made a lot of tasks possible that otherwise had never been so. The quick availability and sharing of information has become the need of the hour to meet the demands of this competitive world.

What are Storage Area Networks (SAN)?

Storage Area Networks (SAN) are highly secure, high-performance data storage networks which provide block-level storage. They allow sharing of storage resources and being used in clustered databases. The basic purpose of SAN is to enable the various storage devices to communicate with each other and enable the sharing of data within the network. It is much more than just storage and protection of data. Disk drives, RAID hardware, tape drives are the ones commonly used in SAN.

In a SAN, a single host computer is not the most pivotal. Here, all the servers are connected physically to all the storage devices. Direct access to the devices that store data rather than just accessing the servers and copying information is a useful facility provided by SAN.

SAN for companies


With the access to high-speed disks getting easier and a significant decrease in the costs involved, SAN was widely accepted by companies to utilize the information confined to different portals and places. The two basic solutions used by various small, mid-size and large companies are:

  1. Fiber Channel
  2. Small Computer System Interface Protocol (iSCSIP)

Advantages of SAN for large companies

Although SAN started out in use by large companies, even small and mid-size companies have also started using it to their advantage. Larger companies have offices located at different locations, and a lot of servers need to avail and share data with different servers. Larger the company, more the magnitude of data associated with the business. How well an organization fares in competition depend largely on how well an organization is inter-connected, and information sharing is carried out without any hassles. The basic advantages SAN offers to large companies are as mentioned:

  1. Data retrieval has become quick. Direct data transmission has enabled by SAN with minimal server intervention. A larger company has larger sources of information, a large number of servers that require quicker and easier data retrieval.
  2. Even if one of the servers is down for maintenance, others servers remain unaffected, thus maintaining continuous network operations.
  3. The extra costs for staging data temporarily from other servers have reduced. In SAN, one can directly access the devices used to store data. Thus, one doesn’t need to copy data from the server, and extra storage requirements are reduced, especially for larger companies.
  4. The extra costs of deployment are absorbed in a wide array as the scale of operation and implementation increases, thus making SAN favorable.